Devel Sixteen : Faster than the fastest

Devel Sixteen

Type “the fastest car” in Google search and these are the results that will show upThe following. Henessey Venom F5, Koenigsegg Agera RS, Henessey Venom GT, Bugatti Veyron SuperSport, and others. And yet unfamous is this marvel, Devel Sixteen in automobile engineering from Dubai.

The Devel Sixteen production version showcased at Dubai International Motor Show 2017. It pioneers a new era that never has been achieved before.

One look at the car is enough for you to realize that you’re looking at a potential revolution in the supercar/hypercar segment. It’s as the McLaren F1 and the Ferrari F40 were 2 decades ago. It’s too early to say if the Sixteen has that potential, but the numbers Devel crunches are far from being heard ever. Think of the Chiron having 1,500 horsepower at its disposal? Well, Devel boasts of a 12.3 Litre V16 engine, generating 5007 Horsepower! That’s more than three times the power Bugatti’s latest crown jewel can produce!

If you think that the 300-mph club is worth following, then The Sixteen may soon make you obsolete. It claims that it can hit 350 mph without even breaking a sweat. But at some point, the hypercar will have a lot to prove when it finally gives us a taste of what it’s capable of. Until then, we’re going to sit here with bags full of salt, waiting for Devel to show us what the Sixteen is really all about.

The Devel Sixteen IS a revolution in the automobile industry, and probably, just the start for new age hypercars. Know more here.

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