Interceptor 650 Vs Thunderbird 350 x

Interceptor 650 Vs Thunderbird 350 x

Interceptor 650 Vs Thunderbird 350 x

Now if you think covering Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Vs Thunderbird 350 X isn’t worth it, you would be surprised to know the quantum of people out there choosing between the two. If you are mind fuddled and wondering which one to choose between the ThunderBird and the Interceptor; look no further.

The ThunderBird 350x launched in April 2018 is quite a craze among Royal Enfield lovers. Royal Enfield also launched the Interceptor 650 in November 2018. Which one should you choose? Let’s take a look.


Compared to the ‘almost classic’ look of the Interceptor 650 Vs Thunderbird 350 x looks very much stylish and attractive. It comes with dark alloy wheels which are an inch larger than that of its counterpart, with tires that are lined with the bike’s color. The Interceptor on the other hand, sports the classic spoked wheels.


Considering the looks, one would easily opt-in for the Thunderbird. However, power would make a difference. The Interceptor 650 sports a 648cc engine with 2 cylinders delivering 47 bhp, compared to the 346cc single cylinder engine delivering 19.8bhp, that the Thunderbird 350 x houses.

Engine System:

Though both have air-cooled systems, the former uses Electronic fuel injection system, in contrast to the classic Carburetor in the Thunderbird 350 x. The Interceptor is mounted with a 6-speed gear assembly, while the Thunderbird 350 x comes with a 5-speed one.

Fuel Efficiency:

Coming to fuel efficiency, the Thunderbird 350 x gets an advantage over the Interceptor. With a 14L tank, the latter gives a mileage of 25.5 Kmpl, while the TBX, with a 20 L tank, runs upto 35 Kmpl, with an overall riding range of 700 km, that’s almost twice that of the Interceptor 650.


Dimension wise, the Thunderbird 350 x is slightly compact and lighter compared to the Interceptor. The TBX has a few more, probably not so significant plus points, like a clock, an engine kill switch and a trip meter count.

So, if you want to experience what it feels to draw raw power from your ride, and you are an adventurer, the Interceptor 650 is yours to own. However for the style seekers, and more concerned about mileage and other costs, the Thunderbird 350X can be your slave.


The Interceptor 650 is priced around 2.9 Lakh, while the Thunderbird 350X is priced at 1.74 Lakh

The waiting period is getting longer from 2.5 months to 4 months and now for 6 months. Make a quick choice before the wait gets longer! Hope this article answers – Which one to choose finally?

To get a more individual detailed overview head over to Royal Enfield official website.


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