Rivian R1T electric : The Adventurer’s Dream

R1T Electric

Rivian showcased two new electric vehicles at the 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show in November. The Rivian R1T electric for off-road rides, is more of a pickup truck, while the swanky R1S is competent with Range Rover SUVs.

The Design

The R1T and R1S inherit Rivian’s “skateboard” frame construction design. That is, the design implies, that the drivetrain and the power units lie below the automobile frame, similar to the skateboards design.


There is no engine or driveshaft, as it contains individual motors for every wheel, which makes it a 4 wheel drive. Hence, this frees up a large space to work with. Rivian R1T electric has a hood that boasts of 330 liters of cargo space, while the rear cargo space features 2 square meters of space. There’s also a cubby hole, under the rear passenger seats that offers more 350 liters of space.

Rivian’s design allows them to display strength and refinement while still leaving freedom to get them dirty. In harmony with the exterior, the interior of Rivian’s vehicles defines luxury, that reeks of craftsmanship yet is fit for rugged, daily use.

Cargo Capacity

The R1T’s design features more cargo storage than many pickup trucks in the world. The front trunk is ideal for daily use with the hood fully powered for opening and closing.

Other features

The R1T will feature a sophisticated hardware suite featuring a camera, lidar, radar, ultrasonic and a high precision GPS. This hardware enables “hands-off wheel and eyes off road” level autonomy for highway operation. To know more, visit the official Rivian website.

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