Apache RR310 : The Revolutionary Apache

Apache RR310

TVS has a reputation for quality bikes in terms of mileage, and economy, for the common people of local society. The Apache RR310 is however a shift from the common daily use bikes, or the regular Apache models that you would see cruising on the roads. It’s the output of rigorous testing and live testing on track with inputs from the TVS Racing Team.

The geometry of the RR310 takes inspiration from the Shark. The Apache RR 310 has an aggressive and ready-to-attack silhouette with a raked-high tail and ‘Mass-Forward and Minimalist-Tail’ design. The Apache RR 310, most powerful Apache till now, derives from the Akula Concept which won the ‘Best Concept Bike of Auto Expo 2016’ at New Delhi.

From the rear side, the lit tail lamps give an impression of Snake Fangs, which completes the high sporty rake tail by giving the Apache RR310 a unique visual signature in its class.


The RR 310 was initially the Akula concept, and featured at the Auto Expo 2016. The motorcycle has a stunning design while keeping a not-in-your-face appeal. At the front are twin-LED headlights and a perfect size windscreen, both of which are flush-fitting. The panels are crisp but devoid of highly complex cuts and edges, making the RR 310 really good-looking. The bike is quite large in person, but TVS ensures that it doesn’t look distasteful. Fit and finish are excellent, as is the choice of materials. TVS has also spent around 350 hours in the wind tunnel and claims the best aerodynamics in its class.

Although the bike has just (not so recently) hit the Indian market, it is yet to hit the roads in considerable numbers. Click here to know more.

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