Vision Silver Arrow Concept

Vision Silver Arrow

The single-seater Vision Silver Arrow is a tribute to the record-breaking 1937 model Mercedes W 125.

The Vision EQ Silver Arrow continues on the legacy of the legend. Purely meant for driving pleasure, it is a satisfaction of Progressive Luxury and a peek into the future of Mercedes design. Much like the Lamborghini Egoista from a few years ago, the new concept car carrying the three-pointed star is purely single-seater. The car is completely electric. However, the driver can hear the sound of the AMG V8 by tweaking the sound settings through the steering mounted touchscreen.

Though the Vision EQ Silver Arrow being purely a showcar, Mercedes has shared a few specifications. The car boasts of a750 horsepower output fed by a battery mounted within the underbody. Also, it is cooled by side air vents. With a full charge, the car can cover more than 400 kilometers in the WLTP cycle.

With a low body with protruding fenders and a back fin, the car looks amazing. The wheels are a masterpiece, with 168 spokes per wheel. Know more here.

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