An Automated walking stick and self help shoes for blind school students-designed by Students from HXLS school

blind school students-an automated walking stick and self help shoes

At a time when many Indian schools follow the rote-learning route and ascribe more wisdom or value to a pupil who receives more marks in an examination, this Guugram-based school has an innovative learning practice that pushes its students to fix real-world problems utilizing the abilities they have.

Heritage Xperiential Learning School (HXLS) holds’Professional Hours’ in its classrooms where students work through rapid-prototyping and layout challenges.

This year, pupils created a couple of incredible devices for visually impaired students of a blind faculty that may transform their lives.
“My experience was sudden. Meeting the visually impaired made me understand that just bonding with them, talking to them and teaching them made them really happy. I received a lot of warmth and help from them while working on the job which made me feel as though I had been making a distinction,” says Class 8 student from HXLS, Ananya Sharma.


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