Jon James: Rapper died while filming a stunt on the wing of a plane

Jon James

34-year old Canadian rapper Jon James died in an unfortunate tragedy stunt during his music video shoot. While he stood on the wings of the plane, he approached the edge and the plane lost control thus spiraling downwards.

He was holding on to the plane for too long thus not being able to open the parachute on time. McMurray’s manager, Ryan Desrochers, said the rapper underwent “intensive training” for the stunt but, as he moved further out on to a wing, the small Cessna went into a downward spiral. Desrochers said McMurray had held on to the wing too long and by the time he let go he didn’t have time to open his parachute. He died on impact. However, the plane landed safely. The police had questioned the incident, the local media said.

McMurray’s friends paid tribute to the “incredible talent” for his music. Rory Wayne Bushfield, who knew Jon James from childhood, told Star that he was trained for months for the stunts.

“He planned everything,” he said. “It should have been straightforward. It’s one of those things.” We are not really sure of what exactly happened. ”

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