#MeToo: Actress claims, Sajid said, “Come on with a bikini” and …


“I’m not excited to see you so how do you expect the audience to get excited!” said Sajid.

Sajid Khan, director of the film, who is scouting for sexual harassment, is likely to face legal difficulties. Another actress has accused Sajid Khan of sexual abuse. Actor Priyanka Bose has alleged that Sajid Khan used to call her in a bikini during the audition and when she came in wearing one, Sajid was playing pornography on the sofa.

Actor Priyanka Bose’s ‘Lion’ was a Hollywood movie. The film was nominated in Oscars. Priyanka has interviewed Miss Malini.com, in which she has made serious allegations against Sajid Khan. Sajid Khan had called her to audition. She had received a message from Sajid’s assistant director that she will have to audition in the bikini. After she went for the audition, he came on the bike.

Priyanka alleged that she sat on the sofa and he started sexually assaulting her. ‘I’m not excited to see you. So, how will the audience get excited, “said Sajid. Priyanka said that after seeing Sajid’s work I went out of the room and ran home.

Priyanka has also accused the director of the film Soumik Sen. Priyanka said that Soumik Sen wants me to have an extramarital affair with him.

Meanwhile, Sajid Khan had earlier been charged with sexual harassment. Karisma Upadhyaya and actress Saloni Chopra had charged Sajid with the charges. The charges had to be dropped from the film Sajidlah Housefull 4. Akshay Kumar also decided not to work with Sajid Khan.


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