Mulshi Pattern Movie Review

Mulshi Pattern Movie Review

Story: Following his dad, Sakharam Patil (Mohan Joshi) dismisses the money they get from selling off their ancestral land, events in his son Rahul’s (Om Bhutkar) life make him take the path of crime.
Review: The film opens into aerial shots of Pune city’spreading shapelessly such as an amoeba’- because the narrator calls it. But this is true for almost any significant city in the country today. The opening shot provides a jolt of reality, making one realise how the beautiful villages are lost in the pursuit for unsustainable development.

Originally into farming, the Patil household is forced to live on a pittance after Mohan Joshi sells off big stretches of his land simply to dismiss the money he makes from it. That leaves the family with earnings coming just from Patil’s small-time job functioning as builder Shinde’s (Ajay Purkar) watchman. However one day, he has bashed up for receiving scratches on Shinde’s car while opening the bungalow gate and is fired from the project.

Ararara Song From Mulshi Pattern

The household then shifts to Pune in which Patil and his son Rahul take up job as labourers hauling heavy agricultural produce. Here, an incident takes place that puts Rahul on the route of crime.

Even though the story is based on farmers who sold their land in Mulshi taluka throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, it holds true for different areas of the nation as well. The reality that director Pravin Tarde depicts through his screenplay, creates the drama spine-chilling. Be it bringing to the haplessness of these farmers coerced into selling their lands or the route of crime their following generations embark on, the film opens your eyes to the harsh realities of the developmental phase.

Om Bhutkar demonstrates his acting prowess once more while veterans Mohan Joshi and Mahesh Manjrekar as farmers who have made the mistake of selling their own lands, have put their very best foot forward. Upendra Limaye (who plays a cop) and Ajay Purkar deserve a particular mention for pulling off their roles with perfection.

On the flip side though, some scenes are persistent, which makes stretched. With a tiny crisp editing, the movie could’ve been phenomenal. However, this one definitely deserves a watch.


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