Mumbai Pune Mumbai 3 Film Review


Mumbai Pune Mumbai has come yet again with its third installment. Mumbai Pune Mumbai 3 portrays the journey from the current Gauri and Gautam to the next. The rat race to earn a lavish livelihood leads today’s couples to avoid raising kids. They dread the idea of having kids within 3-4 years of marriage. However, they don’t realise the upcoming conflicts that would arise. Satish Rajwade introduces this scenario in Mumbai Pune Mumbai 3

Gauri (Mukta Barve) and Gautam ( Swapnil Joshi ) are three years into marriage. They’re both happy and live a merry life. Gautam’s parents (Mangala Kunkre and Prashant Damle ) resides nearby them. Three tears into their marriage, they’ve not yet raised a child. However they realize that Gauri has unexpectedly conceived. They are initially firm, not to raise this child. But a significant moment leads them to alter their choice. This affects their life. Mumbai Pune Mumbai 3 is about how they come to the realization of this situation.

The movie aptly presents the narrative of Mumbai, though it isn’t brand new. From the very first scene of the movie, the plot is hidden. Many things take place till the interval. However, after the interval, the movie drags. While the movie appears to be stretching, the close of the film restores us once again. Swapnil and Mukta have a wonderful chemistry that brings life into this movie. Know more about this movie on Imdb.

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