Sunburn Klassique 2019 at Vagator beach Goa

Sunburn Klassique 2019

Splish! Splash! Splosh! Asia’s largest music dance festival. Sunburn Klassique 2019 has returned to Goaaaa!

Sunburn Klassique 2019, the music dance festival has returned to Vagator beach in Goa this year. It is one of the finest sandy beaches in North Goa. This venue is one of the oldest and the fans of this festival are definitely going to reminisce old memories.

In the previous 3 years, the two-day festival was held at Pune. In case you are wondering why would such a popular event be shifted from Goa to Pune, hold your horses. It isn’t because Pune was the new ‘happening’ town. It definitely was the clash with the Goa government. This was a complete turn off for many loyal Sunburn attendees.

Finally, the government decided to make amends and called it peace. After all, it was a humungous loss to the Tourism Department of Goa, both revenue and popularity wise.

Karan Singh, the CEO of Sunburn mentions that Sunburn resonates with dance and music. It helped in building music tourism across the country. It was through Sunburn that the concept of dance music was introduced in India. For over 12 years the Sunburn festival has been on the roar. It has over a million of loyalists.

With the return of Sunburn to Goa, in one of the world’s most popular destination, it is surely captivating hearts.

Goa is definitely a thriving music destination

Dates of the event:

It is being held on the 23rd and 24th of February, 2019 at Vagator Beach Goa. Vagator Beach is located in North Goa and is closer to Mapusa city. It is 22 km away from Panaji.

Tickets for the Sunburn Klassique 2019

Sunburn Klassique 2019 tickets are already on sale through online ticket vendors, and

Tickets for the Klassique Sunburn 2019 start at approximately INR 3754. A 2-day pass, a 1-day ticket as well as VIP tickets for single/both days of the festival are also available.

Hurry! Before the tickets are almost sold out! Klassique is the organizer for the Sunburn 2019 music festival and with its elaborate logistics, hence the name Sunburn Klassique 2019, and it is here to entertain. There will be 4 sound stages. For refreshments, one can expect a variety of food stalls with the Goan delicacies and cuisine.

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