Indian Xiaomi users welcome MIUI 10


Chinese phone-maker Xiaomi, has released, the latest edition of its custom Android OS, MIUI 10. It is the succesor to the long reigning MIUI 9 that has proved to be a great success, on account of its simple, yet powerful UI, and lightening speed.

MIUI 10 is completely tailored on AI, using learning algorithms to improve user interaction like swipe response, claiming to be faster than other Android phones. It responds to your swipe amazingly fast. The UI is designed for a full screen experience, that is, it uses gestures, and not softkeys, for navigation.

A variety of new features are included in MIUI 10, which for time being are unique to it. The most desired one is the ‘single camera portrait mode’ in the MIUI camera. The portrait mode is a feature of the dual camera setup, but with miui 10, even phones with a single camera setup, with algorithms based on millions of images, can click beautiful portraits.

There’s a lot more content and local services for Indian users in MIUI 10. For example, you can scan Paytm QR codes directly in the Camera app, use quick menus in Messaging, or enjoy songs and videos in your native language in Mi Music and Mi Video.

Other features include, nature sounds, like the beach, forest, drizzle, etc for notifications, timers, and other functions. While some features have been released as stable updates to limited models, most of it are still in development phase, yet to be tried out.



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