Living on Mars – A dream to be true by 2045!

Living on Mars

While it seems hard to believe that Living on Mars 25 years on will be possible; overcoming the hurdles still remain a challenge. The prime hurdles that are a hindrance are the medical and technological framework. Overcoming them itself will take over decades coupled with huge investments and scientific know-how by researchers.

With today’s technology at hand; it will take a scientist over 9 months to reach Mars

One of the medical challenges to overcome is the retinal damage of the blood vessels in the eye caused due to zero gravity in space. Another medical challenge in space is the skeleton absorbing the calcium present in the bones as well as reducing the bone mass. This is primarily due to the zero gravity presence.

However, scientists have not lost hope. The established theory is to reduce the travel time to space to minimize the damage. A retired NASA scientist has been of the opinion that if research begins today, 25 years on, these established challenges will be overcome.

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