Truly Wireless : SoundFlux Earphones

Wireless SoundFlux Earphones


The wireless SoundFlux earphones are a true miracle! SoundFlux has made the First Dual Driver Earphones. The high tech earphones feature SoundPass technology, and are waterproof! The output dynamic range is wider than that provided by any other product currently in the market.

The two HQ 6mm dynamic drivers drive a circuit that gives a noise noise free output with pure sound . While one driver focusses on maintaining the bass, the other regulates the treble. It uses a Lossless Codec along with Software Optimized noise cancellation.

Crystal sound clarity helps SoundFlux not only optimize your music experience, but it also enriches your voice calls. Sound flux can be used with all the applications, that you use your headphones for, but with an optimized experience. SoundFlux gives you full control over music and phone calls with press buttons. The silicone ear tips shape themselves to your ear, giving the most optimal comfort.

Owing to the ergonomic design, SoundFlux™ provides a more secure fit than most sports headphones, even without an earhook. SoundFlux gives you upto 4.5 hours of play and phone use with an additional charge of over 24 hours, thanks to the chargable case!

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