India’s First Microprocessor : SHAKTI

India's First Microprocessor

India has developed its first own microprocessor at IIT Madras! This will help significantly reduce the country’s dependence on imports in defense and communications. India’s First Microprocessor, Shakti had a project expense of about Rs 11 crore and should be on par with its international counterparts. So it is ideal for implementation in consumer electronics, mobile computing, low-power wireless systems, and networking systems.

Indian Space Research Organizations (ISRO) in Chandigarh served as the venue for this project, making Shakti India’s first microprocessor.

India's First Microprocessor

The design follows the open Instruction Set Architecture named RISC-V, Professor Kamakoti Veezhinathan, Lead Researcher at RISE Laboratory said. Hence, anyone can implement the architecture in their chips.

The project began in 2011 and the Government of India began funding it in 2017.

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