Truly ‘Wireless’: Archon invisible wireless charger

Invisible wireless charger

Archon Charging has devised an invisible wireless charger that attaches itself under your desk or tabletop and charges any compatible gadget placed on the table or desk. It is truly ‘wireless’ as it is almost invisible.

It means that unlike other wireless charging pads, the Archon wireless charger stays away from plain sight. Archon allows you to charge your phones by placing them on the table, just above the charger though.

Charges through Insulators

The charger can charge through the wood, plastic, glass and a few other materials, though not through metal as metal blocks wireless charging. Whether you own a pop-socket or the thickest case on the planet, Archon can wirelessly charge your phone through it. However, provided the thickness varies upto 25mm or 35mm, as ensured by Archon’s two variants.

Just how you need it

The charger distinguishes itself from traditional chargers and is minimal enough to avoid distractions. So, Archon is a true wireless charging without the annoying drawbacks.


It works with all Qi wireless charger supported devices, so it mostly will be to be compatible with the current range of wireless charging devices. It supports fast charging output(up to 10W), so it sticks to your usual charging time. Additionally, it frees the desk space by eliminating tangling wires.

The Archon Charger is expected to start being shipped by March 2019. Check more from Archon here.

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