Satellite Communication In Your Hand : Bivystick

Satellite communication with bivystick

Bivystick is a handy tool when you are off the grid, because it turns your cell phone into a sat-comm (satellite communication) device. You can turn it on when you need and save money when you don’t. Bivystick allows you to send/receive text messages, share your location, track your path, send an SOS message. It also lets you lookup weather forecasts when you are devoid of network coverage. It integrates with the Bivy app and a database exceeding 45,000 trails, trek paths and waterways. Also, it can power your phone 2- 3 times. It gives you a feeling of safety as you explore new areas, and your loved ones will be at peace easily keeping track of your location and status. Bivystick is the ultimate tool for the modern day adventurer.

It connects to your phone via Bluetooth, giving you ease of access of use to efficiently get the message out quickly. The device uses USB connection to charge. While the LED indicator lights display tehe amount of charge left.

It easily fits into your backpack, owing to its compact size. It also erases the need to carry an additional battery for your phone. The 6000 mAh battery keeps the satellite communication going and your phone powered up. It weighs only 7oz. To know more, visit the official Bivystick website.

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