Transport Drone – Hexa and it’s Importance

Transport Drone

Hexa: A Transport Drone

We cover the importance of the Drone Industry with an outlook on Hexa: A Transport Drone. Matt Chasen, the chief executive of LIFT Aircraft might use the ‘Hexa’ for 15-minute flights across a lake outside Austin, Texas, for $249 a ride. He planned to use it for transport purposes, but authorities have not yet approved it for civilian transport. The Hexa is his startup’s electric powered manned transport drone. However, he sees them as a progression towards an innovation in urban transportation.

Chasen vouches that it will take a long time to accomplish, but the scope is great to compete with companies such as Uber, Airbus and Volocopter, who are already into this stream. He says that, customers who want to take a ride in the Hexa will undergo basic training, including safety videos and VR simulator training for up to an hour. One would not require a pilot’s license to fly the Hexa.

Hexa is controlled by a joystick mounted in the cockpit and stabilized by a flight computer. It can bear a maximum weight of 250 lbs. An augmented reality display shows safety information. Flight controllers can remotely operate it, in case of an emergency. The aircraft maxes out around 60 mph at top speed and can even land on water, owing to air cushioned floats. One would not require professional skills to fly the Hexa. Safety setups ensure that when one lets go of the joystick, it’ll just hover in mid-air. Plus, it automatically returns to the launch sites, once the battery goes below a certain level.

Chasen thinks that the Hexa could be one option for transport, to fly for 10 minutes rather than driving for 90 minutes.

You can find a few examples of transport drones here.

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