Magic Desk: An Innovation in Standing Desks


It has been found that people who do most of their work on standing desks are 46% more productive than those at traditional desks. Standing desks are really good for working as well as for health. The Magic desk takes the standing desk to a whole new level with it’s smart technologies and simple design.

The 37° C Smart Home Magic Desk helps you improve your productivity as well as health. Magic Desk allows you to work at your best with ease and convenience because it’s made up of selected materials and advanced technologies. No matter how much time you spend at the gym after work, using the Magic desk will give you a new way to work!


  1. Gesture Controlled, Adjustable Height.
  2. Integrated LED smart lamp, and
  3. Time-tested quality.

It consists of some additional features for charging your device: it can charge wirelessly aa well as through USB port. If you leave your desk for 10 minutes, the smart lamp will turn Off automatically and after you come back it’ll turn On automatically, providing you three brightness modes such as:

  • Reading: Produce fuller brightness to better illuminate words.
  • Screen: A dimmer lightening that reduces harmful blue light.
  • Focus: Full brightness and turns off any notifications from the desktop unit – Allowing for complete concentration.



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