Pictar Pro : Make your own DSLR!

Pictar Pro

Pictar Pro provides the camera lovers with the same benefits of clicking pictures using their smartphones.

The company terms it ‘the most advanced camera grip for both iPhone and Android devices’. Pictar Pro is powerful enough to provide you more than the quality of pictures clicked by normal cameras and now it’s more easier clicking pictures using your smartphone by transforming it into a DSLR camera. It’s features make a picture look more appeasing and attractive!


This device is a bridge between the Cameras and Smartphone. It gives you the feel of holding a DSLR, even as you hold your smartphone. It consists of different types of accessories. Pictar Pro also features a viewfinder which helps you click pictures even in bright light.

The make and design of the device makes it compatible with most of the devices. It also uses an app to interface it with the smartphone. Know more here.

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