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Smart Glasses

When you think of Google Glasses, what comes to mind is a project which made much buzz but eventually faded away. That was the last thing heard of smart Glasses! However, North a Canada based firm has spent about five years building a unique, everyday smart glasses!

North has built Focals, which in many ways is what you wanted Google Glass to be. Using an invisible holographic display, Focals shows you subtle overlays like incoming text messages and directions with voice and visuals via a special version of Amazon’s Alexa.

North guarantees up to 18 hours of regular use out of the smart glasses with three extra charges, courtesy of the charging case. Also, Focals can pair with both iPhone and Android phones, using Bluetooth.

Inside the glasses on the right side, there’s a tiny, highly precise projector, which has an incredible number of precision optics inside that outputs a ray of light, a spot from the projector that’s two microns across, a very tiny, precise spot that scans out of the glasses onto the holographic element on the prescription lens. It sends rays of light and pixel by pixel, it reflects off the holographic element directly onto the eye.

The Focals come with a combined accessory, the Loop smart ring. Because there are no touch controls, the loop is necessary to interact with the Glasses. No camera. The Loop features a five-way joystick, an optimal interface for the Focals


  1. Visual Summaries
  2. Alexa
  3. Smart Emojis
  4. Voice to text
  5. Search function
  6. Navigation & Taxi
  7. Calendar & Weather
    and much more…Know more here.


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