PrintBrush XDR : An Inkjet Printer just for your Smartphone

Printbrush XDR

In today’s time printing has well advanced. From dot matrix printers in the past, we have reached a point where printers are used to print solid articles using 3D printing. Printers today are able to print not just on paper, but other concrete articles like spare parts, even food items. Although, these printing technologies are quite bulky, i.e. they are not portable. The Printbrush XDR is not just any other printer.

What is Printbrush XDR?

The PrintBrush XDR is a truly mobile, truly portable printer. Go Paperless. It allows you to print on any surface, by just swiping on the surface. PrintBrush XDR interfaces with your smartphone through a companion app. The app lets you control through your smartphone, what you want to print.

This device weighs about the same as an average Smartphone but can print wider than itself, as you can just swipe across a surface to print.

As for now, it cannot print full-letter size, but the development is in progress. It is capable of printing up to three swaths with a small gap between each. Hence, it is a good option for printing alphabets and graphics in full color.

The PrintBrush XDR works automatically. The optical sensor tracks the distance and velocity of the printer relative to the surface. The controller then matches the software interrupts to the relevant columns of the imprint image. One can control content printing through the companion app.

The idea is to have a design that fits perfectly into the palm of your hand.

The built in sensor gives it accuracy in printing regardless of however you move your hand, whether fast, slow or even with stops. So, now it’s time for you to change the way we used to print as it allows us to print things on any surface. Read more about the Printbrush XDR here.

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