SQUEGG : The Smart Stress Squeeze Ball


Let out your stress with the SQUEGG Smart Squeeze Ball. It helps you reduce your stress, and fasten your grip at the same time. The soft silicone cover covers high-tech sensors, offering incredibly accurate results. The portable and ultra-light weight design, facilitates daily practice regardless of where you are.

Also, the companion app turns relieving your stress into an interesting activity. Just download the app, pair the device, and get SQUEGGing. The app lets you track your grip strength progressively. Since the app counts every squeeze for you, you’ll never have to worry about losing track of your progress. Finally, the SQUEGG smart squeeze ball comes with strength-improving games that you can even play against friends or loved ones.

Features of SQUEGG

  1. Measure your grip strength to set a benchmark
  2. Improve your grip strength and track your daily reps
  3. Connect to your friends through the App and challenge them

Onboard electronics house pressure sensors to calibrate how tightly it’s being squeezed. A bluetooth module communicates with the companion app on a paired smartphone, which displays it in terms of reps and pounds/kilograms of force.

The app also interfaces with the internet to compete online with other users. Squegg by itself, is water-resistant, weighs 66 grams (2.3 oz), and has a runtime of 80 hours on a two-hour charge. And your progress is stored online as well!


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