Fasting hacks – Fast yet not feel the brunt

Fasting hacks

Fasting can take a toll on your mental health, attention span and mood swings among others. The body finds it hard to deal with starvation and responds in unhealthy ways. Fasting hacks have been designed to make sure you Fast yet not feel the brunt.

Take care of these things after fasting for nine days

During Navratri, many people please the Goddess with fasting. Although there is a religious significance of fasting, it has many health benefits. In these days, some people only eat fruits during their fast. Some people only drink water during fast. So while leaving this fast, you need to take care of some things.

Avoid spicy foods

Do not eat spicy or oily foods immediately after your fasting. By doing so, you will pressurize your digestive tract and your health problem can get worse. So eat light food.

Include a diet containing protein food

Consume a diet containing protein foods post fasting. After fasting for so many days, the energy of the body is reduced. Thus, the body needs a protein-rich diet to get energy. You should eat paneer, sprouted pulses, and overnight soaked dal.

Should begin with light foods

You should drink a glass of water as your stomach is empty for many days. Your stomach will feel cold and will also help you digest your meal properly. Drink juices, lassi, coconut water or citric juices. This will give you energy and it will also be useful for your digestion.

Avoid fast food

If you stop fasting after many days, avoid heavy foods because your metabolism slows down during fasting. Therefore, one should avoid fast foods and drink more water.

The key to good health in spite of fasting is keeping the body well hydrated and slowly start increasing food intake. This will ensure the body cells are well replenished.

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