How to control Hairfall?

How to control Hairfall?

If you are wondering – How to control Hairfall? Look no further…

Those whose hair drops in an extensive amount, they are exceptionally disturbed. At whatever point they make hair, they lose hair particularly from their heads. In case of inordinate male pattern baldness, this issue turns out to be very diverting. Baldness in the men causes more balding. Today this issue is never again limited to a particular age gathering.

A poor diet and eating habits are one of the main reasons for hair fall. Avoid Junk food and include protein and Iron-rich foods like dry fruits & Nuts, green leafy vegetables, soybean, citrus, fruits, paneer, carrots, radish, pumpkin, cereal, pulses, dairy products, eggs etc in your daily diet.

Stress is responsible hair fall. Regular exercise and Yoga can go a long way in reducing stress, thereby reducing hair fall.

Comb delicately:

Treat your hair with softness. Avoid combing wet hair.

Select a Shampoo & Conditioner according to your hair & Scalp type:

Detangle your hair by combing it gently after applying a conditioner. Consult your hairdresser for a correct Shampoo and Conditioner for your hair.

Massage your head daily

This will support your hair and increase blood flow in the head. Healthy hair will likewise grow by doing this.

Extra care

We often adopt new hairstyles daily to make a mark and to look beautiful. In any case, when you return home, deal with your hair with care. It is essential to clean them well. Wash off the effect of sprays and gel. Massage the scalp with oil before washing them. Avoid giving excessively heat to the hair.

Losing up to 50 -100 strands of hair daily is considered normal. In case of excessive hair fall, consult your family doctor or trichologist and get your vitamin B12 checked. If needed, take supplements.

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