Sleep well, Stay in the pink of health

Sleep well, stay in the pink of health

Sleep well, Stay in the pink of health is the new lifestyle mantra!

Have you been sleeping less during the week and more over weekends? In metros, where working round the clock is not unfamiliar, sleep disorders are quite common. The traffic snarls further contribute to these disorders as most of the commuting time is spent in traffic. With noise pollution not being in check, it only contributes further. It is high time we raise concerns against these issues, making sure they do not affect our lives.

Chaos could lead to a change in sleep patterns or habits which leads to sleep deprivation and ultimately causes a sleep disorder. These sleeping patterns can negatively affect health.

Good sleep is essential to stay in the pink of health

Snoring, sleep apnea, restless legs syndrome, insomnia, among others fall within the ambit of sleep disorders. Research has shown through a study of over 2000 adults that those who didn’t maintain a regular bedtime and wake time had high blood sugar levels, higher blood pressure, weighed much more and had a greater risk of a heart attack within a span of 10-12 years.

Sleep disorder has a direct relationship on the metabolism of the body. Erratic sleeping schedules and sleep disorders affect the metabolism of the body which ultimately leads to weight gain and obesity. It is indeed a vicious cycle. Hence it is best to stay out of the ring.

Irregular sleeping habits result in more sleep disorders thus affecting health.
It is best to stay a ‘regular sleeper’ in order to stay more active and less tired during the day thus staying more productive.

This article is not meant to advise or make recommendations. It is purely for informational purpose. Readers are advised to consult a doctor for medical advice.


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