Can Snake gourd reduce weight?

Snake gourd

The snake gourd is also known as serpent gourd. It belongs to the cucumber family of vegetables. Snake gourd contains lot of vitamins, water content and the essential nutrients to keep the body healthy.

It is native to Southeast Asia and Australia as well as tropical Africa.

The snake gourd is long and slender and resembles a snake. Hence the name.
In India, it is commonly used as a vegetable. When it is fully matured, in dried state it can serve as soap.

The snake gourd provides many benefits:

1. Weight controller:

As it is low in calories, the body weight is kept in control.

2. Better scalp quality:

It improves the quality of one’s scalp with the mere application of its juice and eliminates dandruff flakes with a continuous application for a few weeks. It prevents Alopecia which is a common scalp disorder resulting in a partial or complete hair loss.

3. Hair Loss:

Regular application of the snake gourd juice to the affected areas also controls hair loss.

4. Minerals overload:

Snake gourd contains essential minerals like magnesium, calcium, phosphorus that help in improving body functions and helps promote stronger bones and teeth.

5. Heart Problems:

Arterial disorders that are common in today’s times are proven to provide relief. Stress can cause chest pain and increased palpitation. It improves blood circulation thus reducing problems related to the heart.

6. Constipation:

Snake gourd is rich in fiber. Fibrous foods help in softening stools thus avoiding intestinal disorders or swelling in the fistula. It also reduces bloating and constipation.

7. Prevents Cancer: 

As we know, free radical cells cause cancer; the regular consumption of these cells controls the growth of these cells. Thus, preventing damage to vital organs.

8. Anti-aging:

The snake gourd is rich with anti-oxidants. Hence the process of aging slows down.

9. Diabetes under check:

Diabetes demands more attention to one’s diet. Hence it is useful to remedy Type 2 diabetes.

10. A cure for Jaundice & Fever:

Fever causes weakness due to the loss of appetite. Snake gourd juice acts as a tonic with honey to regain body strength. Also, The regular use of this vegetable is effective in fighting jaundice as it is loaded with hepato-protective components.

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