Earth’s Magnetic Pole is Shifting

Earth's Magnetic Field

The earth’s magnetic pole has shifted from Canada to Siberia. Geologists have claimed that this shift is happening speedily. Hence, immediate correction is needed to assist navigation.

The main cause for this occurrence is the spreading of liquid iron

The molten iron which was beneath Canada is spreading rapidly and weakening the magnetic fields. This will have a catastrophic effect; more than we can imagine.

Is life on Earth threatened due to the shift?

Yes! Indeed. Life on Earth is very much threatened and if the magnetic field continues to decline, Earth will be similar to Mars – Incapable of supporting life.

  • The Pole shift or reversal will increase the solar radiation at ground level. Thus, causing life-threatening diseases like cancer.
  • The earth is more susceptible to storms.
  • It will cause a radical climate change.
  • The ozone layer will get depleted at heightened levels.

Earth’s Magnetic Pole shift & the impact on the world economies

The polar shift inevitably will have a global impact because they are known to cause a failure in the electrical grid. Power companies are going to face major hurdles. Economies are dependent on the power supply. In case of a failure in the grid, countries will face power outages for months.

The last Earth’s magnetic pole reversal occurred some 7,80,000 years ago. Earth’s magnetic pole reversal is expected in this generation. The speed of the Earth’s Magnetic pole shifting picked up in the year 1995. Back then its speed was at the rate of 9 miles/hour. In 2019, the speed recorded was 34 miles/hour.

Our only hope is that the shifting slows down and the Earth’s magnetic pole swap is not as soon.



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