Watch The Throne 2: A sequel by the duo rappers?


Fans will love to see the duo rappers Kanye West and Jay-Z together as they are on good terms again. News has it that they have been collaborating on a musical project.

An insider source revealed that post their last album they have been secretly working on a follow-up to their last album.

American rappers sequel: watch the throne

Watch The Throne is a collaborative studio album by the duo American rappers and was released in 2011. This new release is a follow-up to the previous hip-hop music genre.

In 2016, Kanye denied claims to a sequel to Watch The Throne. However, Kanye himself tweeted on September 8, giving a hint about the new project with “throne 2 coming soon”.

Now that the air is clear, fans can rejoice again and wait in anticipation for the release.


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